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Naisoso Island Villas

Owning your own Villa means complete exclusivity and intimacy. With privately owned residences, enjoy the unique and personal touches in your home away from home. Naisoso Island Villas celebrates the rich culture of Fiji one sunset at a time. Reconnect with family and friends; our friendly isles invites you to feel the true spirit of Fijian hospitality.

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Wellness and Spa

Enjoy a relaxing spa day in the comfort of your villa. Naisoso Island Villas offers on-demand, on-location spa rituals. After a relaxation, meditate by the beach with your own Yoga Instructor

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Gourmet Fish on Risotto

Dining Experience

Food is a universal language. Enjoy amazing food with a Private Chef at your service or order In-house catered meals.

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So..So.. Special

We love a reason to celebrate. Blow out the candles, pop the question or tie the knot. We are here to help make any occasion even more special

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